Handcrafted Soap

We make the bulk of our soap the traditional way, by hand, using the cold process method.

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Farm Animal Series
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Farm Animal Series

Like so many of you, we love animals at Doolittle’s Country Cottage, and this is where you’ll find soap for animal lovers of all ages! If you were to take a stroll around our farm, you would see many of the animals on our soap labels grazing in our fields, pecking in the barnyard, galloping through the clover or fetching a stick along Little Deer Creek. . . .

Wild Country Series

We created this series so you can bring a little of the great outdoors inside and enjoy its rugged beauty. This line of soap combines the themes of nature, animals, wilderness and the wholesome cleansing properties of our soap. You can buy handmade soap almost anywhere nowadays, but only here can you find such a unique and creative line of soap that imbues nature both inside and out.

Unscented Selection

Featuring our unscented Castile Soap (olive oil rich soap) for the scent-sensitive or for those who prefer no fragrance. You’ll love the silky feel of the Hungarian buttermilk in this soap! We also use this gentlest of recipes for our baby soap: Lamb Soft Lullaby.

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