Children’s Choice

You will find some wonderful choices for kids in this category. Children will love the specialty soap we created just for them! Soon we’ll have matching sachets!

Any young dancers in your life? They will adore our “Bella Ballerina” Pillows that really dress up a room. (Check back often as we will be adding new items regularly.)

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Children’s Soap
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Children’s Soap

We created a fun soap series just for kids, featuring the art of Ellen Clapsaddle. Buy the individual bars, or select the ultimate choice: a seven-bar gift set packaged in a beautiful, windowed box. (We will be adding boys’ soap soon!)

Baby Soap

Our baby soap is the gentlest soap we make, using mainly Hungarian-style buttermilk and olive oil. We add a little coconut oil as well to help the soap cure more readily and to help add a little firmness; however, we add no essential oils or other fragrance options, keeping with the “less is more” adage. Recommended for babies six months and up.

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